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Annual Fund Benefits

Thanks to the generous Can You Imagine? Annual Fund donations from PCMS families, the Foundation has been able to fund the following teacher grant requests.  


December 2017

Has your student been using the USA Test Prep online system for any classes? Access to this valuable tool was funded through a grant that Mr. Daniell, 8th grade Physical Science, submitted to the PCMS Foundation to benefit the entire student body.


Thanks to the generous Can You Imagine? Annual Fund donations from PCMS families, the Foundation has been able to fund several other teacher grant requests. These include new equipment for Peachtree TV (you can watch the morning announcements here), teacher conference registrations, and classroom supplies. Here is what one teacher said about a grant that she received in December:


"The citizens of the World O' Camp (7th grade World Studies) enjoyed an interactive part to their Fall Final Exam thanks to a grant from the PCMS Foundation. The grant provided me with the money to purchase a variety of manipulatives with which the students created physical maps of Africa's key land forms, based only on a key. EVERY student earned an "A" on this part of their final and stated that they wished more activities and assessments could be this fun and memorable. The "W.O.C" is extremely grateful to the Foundation for providing such a successful and meaningful learning experience!"

Fall 2017

  • A water cooler for the gym
  • Subscription fees to the Buzz Math online math skills program and the RAZ-Kids online reading comprehension program
  • STEM conference registration fees for teachers
  • Exciting novels for ELA/ELT students
  • Competition buzzers for our academic teams

Here is what a teacher said about the new novels that her classes received, "I have never seen my students so engaged in a book before! All of my male and female students are absolutely enthralled by the story and are thoroughly enjoying it so far.  Every student is engaged every class, which can be a rarity when reading."


August 2017

Thanks to 6th grade Earth Science teacher Ms. Jennifer Schiff, all PCMS students and teachers will be able to safely view the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st!  Ms. Schiff submitted a teacher grant request that the PCMS Foundation funded using Can You Imagine? Annual Fund donations received from PCMS families.  


The special viewing glasses meet the ISO 12312-2015 international safety standard and, when worn properly, will allow our students and teachers to safely look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun through them for as long as they wish.


Thank you Ms. Schiff for your initiative that will enable PCMS students to participate in this rare and exciting learning experience!


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Can You Imagine what else your donations will do for PCMS students and teachers?  Stay tuned for additional Annual fund updates throughout the year, and thank you! The PCMS Foundation.