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Patriot Fund Impact

"Can You Imagine" is the theme of this year's Patriot Fund because we are asking our families to imagine some incredible changes coming to Peachtree with their support...


This year the PTSO is excited to support: 

  • Classroom Support Stipends
  • Curriculum & Instruction Grants
  • Professional Development
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Student Academic Enrichment Opportunities (Clubs & Competitions)
  • School Health & Safety
  • Student Social & Emotional Health
  • Student & Family Events
  • Peachtree's school-wide STE(A)M initiative by partnering with the school to transform our interior courtyard into part of the school's maker space classroom. 
    • This space will become a place to: build, grow (literally!), experiment, and collaborate. 
    • We are hoping for approval to build a chicken coop and run at Peachtree to be the first DCSD school to offer this experience.  Here students will learn first hand the impact of agriculture in the areas of life and environmental science, food production, business operations, and more.


To meet our 2021-2022 PTSO budget we need to raise $65,000.  All money earned beyond this amount will directly support our exciting capital improvement projects! A sincere thank you in advance for your support of the Peachtree Patriot Fund!



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