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Teacher Funding and Grant Request Form

The PCMS Foundation has budgeted funds for teacher funding and instructional grants to be used to support the goals of the PCMS charter:

  • Increase reading comprehension and math abilities
  • Increase percentage of students passing all core content areas (ELA, Math, Science,Social Studies)
  • Implement a curriculum that supports the unique learning styles of each student
  • Close the achievement gap
  • Develop a more positive school climate
  • Promote parental and community involvement

Teachers interested in receiving a grant to support any of these goals should submit a request on the  Teacher Funding and Grant Request Form. Please include as much supporting detail for your request as possible, including why this request is needed and how it will impact students and support the above goals.


Make sure to specify the number of items (books, subscriptions, etc.) requested and include 1-2 price quotes if possible. For magazine or other subscription requests, please attach a printed sample of the content material.


All forms should be completed with appropriate signatures and given to the principal for review. The requests will then be forwarded to the Foundation for review at the monthly Finance Committee meeting and then at the monthly Board meeting.


Funding and grant requests of $1,000 or greater will require the teacher to make a presentation at a Finance Committee meeting. The teacher will be notified of the full Board’s decision (approved, denied, or tabled) by the principal or one of the faculty representatives on the Board.

Teachers - Download the Teacher Funding and Grant Request Form here