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Foundation Reimbursement Request Form

To be reimbursed for expenses related to Foundation work, submit your invoice or receipts attached to the PCMS Foundation Check Request form, to the Foundation Treasurer's mail box in the front office.


  1. Click here to download and print the PCMS Foundation Check Request Form 2019-2020. 
  2. Attach your receipts or invoice to the form. 
  3. Complete the information requested on the form. 
  4. The form MUST be signed by one of the approval levels: Committee Director, Sub-Committee Chair, or Foundation Co-Chair.  
  5. You cannot sign your own reimbursement, but you can sign for payment to be made directly to a vendor. 
  6. Return the completed form with attached receipts to the Foundation Treasurer's mailbox in the front office no later than the last day of school. 

Contact Kris Mamaghani at or Laurie Munn at with any questions.