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Visit this page for news from your PTCC. The PTCC Chair and PCMS Action Committee chairs will put news here of interest to PCMS families. 


PCMS Parent Volunteers Needed for the 2017-2018 School Year

May 1, 2017

Involved parents and volunteers make good schools better schools!  There are several vacant committees at PCMS that need your leadership in the 2017-2018 school year.  For more information, click here.

Please don't hesitate to volunteer!  You are needed and appreciated.  Email PTCC Chair Julia LeDoyen with any questions.


Construction of baseball fields on the 8-acre parcel adjacent to the PCMS campus will begin this Spring

The PTCC was happy to learn that the city of Dunwoody is turfing the fields, which more readily accommodates PCMS use during the school day.  Three park design proposals are being considered, and the PTCC sent the following letter to the city council advocating for construction of OPTION 3, which allows for the greatest number of parking spaces built on the 8-acre parcel


Click here to be directed to the City of Dunwoody's website for more information on this initiative.


January 20, 2017 - Note from PCMS PTCC Chair Julia LeDoyen to Mayor Shortal and City Council members regarding this construction




January 20, 2017



Dear Mayor Shortal and City Council members-

The volunteer parents and teachers that serve the PCMS community through our efforts with the Parent Teacher Charter Council (PTCC) request that the city council and park planners consider our request that option 3 of the proposed baseball fields be constructed adjacent to the PCMS campus.

Our position is steadfast that we have tremendous concerns about shared parking. PCMS is the only public middle school that feeds into Dunwoody High School.  We currently have 1550 students enrolled at PCMS, and our school frequently hosts events that demonstrates parking is at a premium on our campus when both staff and parents are invited to be on campus.  These events typically occur in the early evening hours when DSB will likely be hosting games.

Our collective experiences lead us to believe that the city council will minimize future dissatisfaction and grumbling about a taxing parking situation at DSB and PCMS if you opt now to build as much parking on the 8-acre parcel as possible.

Respectfully submitted,
Julia LeDoyen




Simplify Your Holiday Checklist!

October 28, 2016 - The PTCC created a holiday gift account at the request of our many parents who want to give the teachers and staff a collective gift of cash during the holiday season.  The money collected in this account will be distributed evenly to everyone that works at PCMS, including our teachers, paraprofessionals, janitors, lunchroom ladies, and others.  No one will be overlooked!

Donate to this account and simplify your holiday "to do" list!  The PTCC will be accepting online donations through December 12.

You can also check your Membership History to confirm if you gave to this account during registration.  Log in to your Membership Toolkit account, select "Previous Orders" in the upper blue banner, and select your order to see an itemized history of payments.


The City of Dunwoody wants to buy 25% of our campus

October 23, 2016 - Note from PCMS Chair Julia LeDoyen to our PCMS Families Regarding this Proposed Land Sale






October 23, 2016



Dear PCMS families-

The Executive Council of the PTCC voted this week to deliver a formal statement to the city council of Dunwoody and the Dekalb County School District.  The purpose of the statement is to publicly oppose the construction of two baseball fields on the nearly 8-acre parcel that the city will acquire from the campus of PCMS.  The PTCC objects to this project primarily due to concerns that less accessible green space will affect teaching and learning at PCMS.

The city of Dunwoody and Dekalb County School District will host several events to allow for exchange of information on the entire project, which affects the Austin Elementary community and those that play baseball at Dunwoody Senior Baseball, as well as those currently or in the future attending PCMS.  Mark your calendars, become informed and make your voice heard:

City Council Meeting
Monday, October 24, 2016, 6 p.m.
Dunwoody City Hall 

Public Information Meeting
Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 6 p.m. 
Dunwoody City Hall 

City Council Meeting--Date of the vote on this land exchange
Monday, November 14, 2016, 6 p.m. Dunwoody City Hall
City Hall is located at 41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 103, Dunwoody, GA 30346.

For links to the city council email addresses, click


Thank you for your support,



Julia LeDoyen


Julia LeDoyen

PTCC Chair









October 21, 2016 -- PTCC chair, Julia LeDoyen, delivers a statement to city of Dunwoody leadership

On Friday, October 21, Ms. LeDoyen delivered the following statement explaining the PCMS Charter Council's position about the potential sale of a 7.98 acre parcel of PCMS campus to the City of Dunwoody. This statement was delivered to the Dunwoody city council, mayor and city manager, as well as the DCSD area superintendent, DCSD e-splost director, and the PCMS charter liaison. 





Text of Statement Delivered on Friday October 21, 2016


The PTCC is encouraged and excited by a partnership between the city of Dunwoody and the Dekalb County School District which will deliver improved outdoor spaces to the students at Peachtree Charter Middle School.  We have confidence that the city of Dunwoody will provide enduring oversight and services to our presently lackluster field spaces.

The PTCC understands that the nature of the partnership between the city of Dunwoody and the Dekalb County School District necessitates shared use of fields that have historically been for the use of our middle school students.

The PTCC advocates for the development of multipurpose field space on the 7.98 acre parcel that is currently part of the PCMS campus.  Exhaustive discussion between our teachers, parents and school officials have led us to the conclusion that developing this 7.98 acre parcel into baseball fields is not complimentary to teaching and learning at PCMS.  
The PTCC identified multiple concerns with the implementation of the baseball fields as proposed in the IGA:

  1. The nature of maintaining the integrity of baseball fields will certainly create missed opportunities in instruction and use for our students and teachers.  While PCMS is a large campus, we currently house 16 classes in portable buildings, have a significant piece of land committed to our outdoor garden, and we utilize our interior courtyard in STEM instruction.  The result is a shortage of green space, which teachers across curriculum use throughout the year in planned and spontaneous instruction.  We believe multipurpose fields will be usable for these learning opportunities more often than baseball fields, which must be prepped and maintained for baseball events.

  2. We have a strong opposition to sharing the fields during part of the school day and respectfully request that the fields be made available to our students for the entirety of the school day.

  3. Parents and coaches report that the campus currently does not meet the needs of our students because of the condition of the neglected field space.  Field space created for primary baseball use does not meet those needs.

  4. Shared parking is a serious concern.  School events that occur near the 6pm hour will be complicated because at this hour the campus will be hosting our parents attending the school event as well as the attendees of all four (4) baseball events.  Parking at sporting events is always congested at the time the the attendees for the second event are arriving and the attendees for the first event have not yet departed.  Crowded parking should not be a deterrent that causes parents to not attend a school event.  Additionally, we believe that school dismissal will be heavily impacted by the presence of baseball fields because players, coaches and parents will need to arrive at PCMS dismissal time for the first baseball game.

  5. Heavily scheduled field space should not create an additional layer of responsibility for the PCMS administration.  The PTCC believes that coordinating the field calendars of PCMS and Dunwoody Senior Baseball will be burdensome on our administration because Dunwoody Senior Baseball reports hosting four (4) events per day.

  6. Foul ball nets and regular field maintenance are likely distractions for PCMS students whose classrooms overlook the land in question.  Aesthetically, foul ball nets provide an unappealing view, and routine mowing will create noise pollution.

  7. A program which invites many visitors to the park creates campus security issues.  The presence of so many unvetted visitors to our area " normalizes" the presence of unfamiliar faces.  Our 16 outdoor classrooms are vulnerable to vandalism and malice.  Additionally, the outdoor garden is vulnerable, and the nature of a garden does not allow for quick repairs in all instances of damage.  

To reiterate, the PTCC is enthusiastically optimistic about a partnership between the city of Dunwoody and Dekalb County School District.  We have faith that such a partnership can yield dynamic results for our students.  The PTCC strongly lobbies for the development of multipurpose fields on the 7.98 acre parcel.  Multipurpose fields will more readily facilitate outdoor academic instruction than baseball fields.  Multipurpose fields are usable for multiple sports to both genders and are more inclusive than fields dedicated to baseball.

On behalf of the PCMS Parent Teacher Charter Council,


Julia LeDoyen
PTCC Chair









October 15, 2016 - Note from PCMS Chair Julia LeDoyen to our PCMS Families Regarding the City of Dunwoody's recent proposal to buy 25% of our PCMS campus






October 15, 2016



Dear PCMS Families,


You should be aware of the proposal to sell 25% of the PCMS campus to the city of Dunwoody for the development of a youth baseball park. This impending sale will benefit the PCMS community because the city of Dunwoody will be obligated to share the baseball fields with PCMS part of the school day, and the city will make much needed improvements to the track and football area. 


The track and football field will remain the PCMS property, also this same proposal will require that PCMS turn use of this space over to the city at 6 pm every day. 


The PCSS and Foundation were not included in the discussions that led to this plan, which the city of Dunwoody will vote to finalize on November 14 at 6 pm.


The city council of Dunwoody is inviting public feedback and commentary at two events: October 17 and October 25. Both of these events will take place at 6 pm at City Hall located at 41 Perimeter Center East.


The land sale will affect the flow of traffic at PCMS because the proposal also requires that PCMS share our parking lots with the baseball program, which hosts an average of four events a day. The school district predicts continued student enrollment growth at PCMS, which likely means more trailers and less green space next year. 


You can make your voice heard at these meetings.  If you or your student would like to submit a statement to the PTCC to share with the city of Dunwoody, you may email it to 


Enjoy the week,


Julia LeDoyen


Julia LeDoyen

PTCC Chair