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PCMS Student Drop-Off/Pick Up Expectation and Carpool Flow Chart

  • Morning Student Arrival Begins at 8:20am:Students may not arrive on campus prior to 8:20am (by carpool or walking) due to lack of staff supervision. (DCSD middle school work hours begin at 8:20am.)
  • Carpool Drop-Off Information: Please adhere to the morning carpool flow chart and the following carpool expectations to ensure that carpool drop off runs safely and effectively:
    • When you enter into the school campus, follow the blue line through the north campus parking lot.
    • The red lined area is the student drop-off circle.  Please read the following information carefully:
      • Cars will pull up as far as possible and fill both lanes of the carpool drop-off circle.
      • Once the carpool drop-off circle has been filled completely, students will be released from their cars and move directly to the sidewalk and head into the building.
      • Once students have safely moved to the sidewalk, cars will move from the carpool drop-off circle and exit the campus.
      • This process will repeat until all carpool students have been dropped off at school.
  • Important things to remember: Pull up all the way to the next car and fill all space in the carpool drop-off circle. Do not let your student out of the car prior to the release signal.  When the release signal is given, have your student exit the car immediately and move directly onto the sidewalk.


  • Afternoon carpool is from 3:55pm-4:15pm:
  • When you enter into the school campus, follow the blue line through the north campus parking lot.
  • The red lined area is the student pick-up circle.  Please read the following information carefully:
      • Pick-up will utilize only the inside carpool circle lane.
      • Cars should pull up as far as possible in the pick-up circle. Do not stop and wait for your student outside of the main entrance.
      • Please make sure your student is on the lookout for your car. Swift pickup is required in order to keep the carpool flow moving.
  • Once your student is safely in your car, please exit the carpool circle and campus following the black line.
  • Student release will begin at 3:55pm and will occur in 3-minute increments beginning with 6th grade, then 7th grade, and finally 8th grade.
  • Carpool Pick-Up Information: Please adhere to the afternoon carpool flow chart and the following carpool expectations to ensure that carpool pick-up runs safely and effectively:




Return dates for students 



New PCMS Virtual Learning Schedule

 PDF of New Schedule





 Peachtree Families,

There WILL BE a PCMS yearbook. 
Will it look different? Yes! 
Will it be a book of memories? Yes! 
Will you still be able to send your student a message of Congratulations? Yes!
Will it highlight the positives of this year?  You bet!!!!
Will your Patriot enjoy this book as much as other years? YES!
AND here is how we come together to make it possible: 
The yearbook committee needs you to take pictures and submit them.  We will organize and compose the book with your pictures.
Look to future eblasts for information about how to submit .
Thanks for helping us make this the most interesting extraordinary book ever.



Helpful Updates Available on PCMS Virtual Learning Hub

Visit the PCMS Virtual Learning Hub home page for important updates regarding Google Classroom, Team Website, Student Resources, and the Weekly Schedule.  Be sure to check out the Team Websites/Student Resources Tab for informational and "how-to" videos:

  • Short videos introducing the PCMS Administration
  • Instructions for accessing your Student's ClassSchedule on Infinite Campus
  • Navigating the PCMS Virtual Learning Hub and being ready to review Team Websites after 5pm on Friday, August 14th
  • Instructions for accessing Google Classroom

On the Student Resources page, you will also find the PCMS daily virtual learning schedule, counseling contacts, attendance expectations, grading guidelines, technology support, and more!

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DCSD Virutal Tech Cafe

 E-Learning Training Sessions

Beginning Thursday, August 13th, the DeKalb County School District will host the District-Wide Virtual Tech Café as a series of 8 training sessions for parents and caregivers. We will show you how to use online tools to teach and engage with your students virtually. Click HERE for complete schedule and to register..... READ MORE


PCMS Virtual Learning Hub

Visit the new virtual learning hub at for information on registration, schedules and more. Once the virtual learning details have been finalized, you'll be able to read about them here. 



PCMS Student Anjali Shaju Meets with NASA! 


Our very own Anjali Shaju of PCMS was one of NASA's Scientist for a Day Essay Contest Winners!  On July 22, Anjali had the opportunity to video conference with NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. She met with scientists who work on New Horizons, Psyche and who study Pluto, Charon, Miranda and the Kuiper Belt. To read Anjali’s essay, visit

Congratulations, Anjali, on your out of this world accomplishment! 

Cheryl Watson-Harris Sworn in as Superintendent of Dekalb County Schools

Cheryl Watson-Harris officially assumed the role of Superintendent of Dekalb County Schools on July 1st. An accomplished leader in education, Watson-Harris brings a wealth of experience from her roles in New York and Boston. Before accepting the role of superintendent of DeKalb County Schools, Watson-Harris served as first deputy chancellor, as well as in other executive positions, for the New York City Department of Education. Previously she served as a network superintendent and as a principal for Boston Public Schools...READ MORE




2020-2021 High Achiever Program

During the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years, the PCMS faculty and PCMS Foundation Board have collaborated to enhance our High Achiever ​Program. To further support this process, the Foundation Board’s Academic and Curriculum Committee instituted a “High Achiever” Task Force in order to solicit input from parents and community members regarding the program’s requirements and goals. During our January 17th 2020 Foundation Board meeting, our PCMS Foundation Board voted to implement the enhanced High Achiever Program, which is detailed below, starting in the 2020-2021 school year. 


Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, the High Achiever ​Program will be implemented as follows: Students scoring in the 75th percentile or higher in both Reading and Math on the Fall or Winter Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) will be scheduled in our Gifted classroom environments. For more information regarding this program, please see the attached​ document. 

2020_2021 High Achiever Program.pdf 


In order to ensure that we provide all PCMS students with the appropriate level of academic rigor, our teachers implement the ​"Peachtree Way​" of Instruction. 

 The Peachtree Way consist​s of teachers implementing (1) a Standards-Based Classroom Instructional Framework (SBCIF), (2) Rigorous questioning and activities daily, and (3) Instruction driven by individual student data. 

The SBCIF is a research-based approach to teaching that promotes sound instruction daily, and is used to differentiate instruction for all levels of learners. PCMS teachers work weekly in collaborative planning sessions to develop lessons, as well as remediation and acceleration activities for all students based on individual student needs. Each student’s performance data is used by their teachers to provide the appropriate level of rigor and support.

In an effort to further provide academic challenge to students, PCMS offers the following courses: 

  1. Accelerated Math
  2. High School Physical Science
  3. High School Engineering
  4. High School World Language (French and Spanish)
  5. High School Art

PCMS provides the STEM Academy to all interested 8th grade students, and will be implementing a School-Wide STEM initiative during the 2020 – 20201 school year. 


Our goal at PCMS is to meet each learner where they are academically by providing remediation and acceleration as needed for every student. Our administrative team, our Foundation Board, and the entire PCMS staff will continue to work together to support all students at PCMS. 


Please review the attached document for the details or our Higher Achiever Program. 

2020_2021 High Achiever Program.pdf 


Proposed Budget


Click here to view the PCMS Foundation 2020-2021 proposed budget. Email questions to

Bus Remind Messages

PCMS used to send Remind messages informing parents the time at which school buses departed the school in the afternoon. Unfortunately, due to cost, PCMS is no longer able to send these Remind messages.



Help earn money for PCMS! Participating is easy! 

Simply sign up for a account, click Publix Partners, and select Peachtree Charter Middle School.  Then you just enter your phone number every time you check out.


If you already have an account linked to your previous school, don't forget to change your school to PCMS!!


The more families that enroll, the more funds PCMS will earn! So spread the word among the community and reach out to family and friends!  

Save Your Pop Tabs! 

Save your pop tabs from your soda cans, and bring them to school. We have a large Coca-Cola container in the main lobby and will be collecting them going forward. The pop tabs will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. This helps them raise money so families that come to the Atlanta area for a child who is sick and needing treatment has an affordable place to stay.

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