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How can I get Infinite Campus?

The Infinite Campus App provides mobile access to the Parent Portal, so you keep keep track of your student's progress using your smart phone. This section provides instructions for installing the Infinite Campus app on your phone.  


 Be sure to activate your Parent Portal account before installing the Infinite Campus app on your phone. The Infinite Campus app will not install correctly if your Parent Portal account is not yet activated.



To get the Infinite Campus app:

Using your phone, go to the App or Play Store. Search for Infinite Campus Mobile Portal and install it on your phone.  You'll need our district name, Dekalb County to sign up. 


Note: It is no longer necessary to supply a district code (FLZLHV) or school code (565).  All you need it the district name, which is Dekalb County


Although this app is free, it uses data.  If you have a data plan, use of this app may count toward your data limit.