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2017 - 2018 Foundation Board of Directors

Introducing - Our 2017-2018 Foundation Board of Directors. The following parent leaders, community members, and teachers serve on this year's board. 


Co-Chair Finance and Regulatory:  Gregory Jay

Co-Chair - Academics and Curriculum, Facilities and Hospitality:  Fran Bartel

Foundation Secretary:  Jeanne Sacks

Foundation Treasurer:  Kris Mamaghani

Director of Finance:  Ellen Etheridge

Directory of Regulatory:  Amanda Becker

Director of Academics and Curriculum:  Julia LeDoyen

Director of Facilities and Hospitality:  Mandy Sandrock

PCMS Principal:  Scott Heptinstall 

6th Grade Teacher Representative:  Leslie Robertson leslie_i_robertson@DEKALBSCHOOLSGA.ORG 

7th Grade Teacher Representative:  Damarcus Henley

8th Grade Teacher Representative:  Ashley Thurman

Community Member:  Peggy Bussert

Community Member:  Gregory Jay

Financial Secretary: Jennifer Fenmore