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How do I sign up for Campus Parent Portal?  



DeKalb Country uses a website, Campus Portal, to allow the school to post information about their child's assignments, grades, absences, and schedules in real-time to help parents keep track of their child's progress.


Campus Portal is a confidential and secure website. Parents can only view their own child's information in the portal.



Before creating a Campus Parent Portal account, the student must be registered in a DeKalb County School.


The following information is needed to set up a Campus Parent Portal account:

  • DeKalb 7-digit Student Number (Provided by school registrar)
  • Student SSN (The school must enter Student SSN prior to creating an account)
  • Student Date of Birth
  • Activation Key (GUID#)

Get your Activation Key (GUID#) by either contacting the Peachtree Registrar or using the instructions below:

  • Go to the Campus Parent Portal site and click on the DCSD Portal Account Activation link.
  • Enter the DeKalb 7-digit Student Number, Student SSN and, Student Date of Birth.
  • Click submit to receive Activation Key (GUID#)

Use your Activation Key (GUID#) to create your own Campus Parent Portal account.

  • Go to the Campus Parent Portal site and click Login.
  • Click New User?
  • Enter Activation Key (GUID#) in the space provided and then Submit.
  • Enter a Username and Password and click Submit.