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2018 - 2019 Foundation Board of Directors

Co-Chair:  Fran Bartel (until September 1)

Co-Chair:  Gregory Jay

 Co-Chair:  Douglas Quinby (effective September 1)

Directory of Regulatory:  Peggy Bussert

Director of Academics and Curriculum:  Mandy Sandrock

Director of Facilities and Hospitality:  Allegra Johnson

Director of Finance:  Kris Mamaghani

Secretary:  Megan Cann

Financial Secretary: Jennifer Fenmore

Treasurer:  Brian Sims

Past Co-Chair Parent Representative: Fran Bartel

Community Member:  Wanda Roane

Teacher Representative:  Deidre Heffernan

Teacher Representative:  Detra Posey

Teacher Representative:  Jenny Schiff