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Dropping Off Items at School

At Peachtree Middle School we know that it's easy to forget things from time to time.  And while we encourage all students to make best efforts to use strong organizational habits and build responsibility by making sure they have everything they need for school - sometimes something goes awry.  Here is how we can help:



Your student can always buy lunch in the cafeteria if they forget their lunch - even if they don't have an account.  The cafeteria does have free lunch options and they also allow students to purchase two meals "on credit".  You are also welcome to drop off your child's lunch in the Attendance Office.  Students will be called down to the office to pick up their meal before their lunch period begins. 

NO fast food, restaurants meals or ordering in food for your student.


This is a tough one.  It's stressful for kids and parents when students forget their homework.  However, this is a really good opportunity to learn that forgetting something every now and then doesn't cause the world to end and is a recoverable event.  It also serves as a reinforcing lesson for students to make sure they have everything they need for school.  For these reasons, we do not allow parent to drop off homework for students.  We do encourage your student to build strong communications skills by talking with their teacher about forgotten assignments.  It really goes a long way with teachers and helps teach a student to advocate for themselves.

Keys, Coats, Etc.

Of course drop a key off, we want all of our kids to have a safe way into their home.  As for the other stuff, please use your very best discretion.  Remember, that we have over 1,600 students at school and if all kids forget something, that is a lot of class time disruption to call teachers and let them know their student needs to come to the front office to pick up an item.


CHROMEBOOKS CANNOT BE DROPPED OFF for students.  Students will be given a loaner for the day.


A student caught texting will result in their phone being taken away and logged as 1st, 2nd or 3rd offense. See Cell Phone Usage and Texting for more details.